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"When you assemble a team that consists of people with various expertise, you bring not only their competence but also their experience and ideas. And somewhere between the discussion and different points of view, creativity and innovation are born.”

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"To err is to wander and wandering is the way we discover the world; it is also the way we discover ourselves. Being right might be gratifying, but in the end it is static, a mere statement. Being wrong is hard and humbling, and sometimes even dangerous, but in the end it is a journey, and a story. " Kathryn Schulz.

"Neil's group and chat have been such a reprieve in these times of absurdness. I have learned so much and grown from these experiences."

- Brooke

(West Coast, Canada)

"Neil's Community has been a great place to share ideas and work through them. It's a place to build up our intellectual immune system."

- Nathan (Belgium)

"Neil's platform has been a really good source of sources and individuals who are freedom-oriented kindred spirits."

- Andrew (Mexico)

The Scrum Den.

The X-Factor in Getting the Truth Out.

Meet Neil.

Hi. I'm an International Corporate Facilitator of Collaborative Workshops & Training Seminars and the Host of The Scrum Den.

Since 2005, I’ve coached and facilitated teams of leaders including Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs and Permanent Secretaries along with numerous valuable individual contributors.

Sincere Speech Processing.

Mattias Desmet is one of our favorite sources: "From a psychological point of view, speaking from the soul means to give voice to those things that we truly feel or experience; those things that are usually hidden behind the ideal images.

It means saying those things that are not in line with the matrix of social ideal images, dogma’s and norms. Such speech makes us vulnerable, it puts us at risk of excommunication and rejection, in particular when we practice it in the presence of people who use the world of appearances as their major stronghold.

Opposite of Ego speech, sincere speech makes us lose something in the world of appearances and it makes us win something in the real world. It is a kind of speech that emerges from within and literally penetrates through the outer ideal image we hide behind. It quite literally pierces holes in the Ego. And through these holes, a new resonating connection between our essence and that of the world around us can emerge. It is at this level that we can situate the phenomenon of Truth.

This might seem abstract, yet it isn’t. Just try it. Share something that makes you feel vulnerable, something you usually hide from the world, with some trustworthy people. You will immediately feel a deeper connection – from soul to soul. You can sense it almost physically. Practice the art of sincere speech day after day, week after week, month after month, try to make progress step by step, and your intuition will improve step by step.

Sincere speech makes your soul resonate with the world around you. What makes you powerless against propaganda, is not so much the propaganda itself, it is your Ego. It makes you incapable of discerning between truth and deception and it makes your voice hollow and weak and incapable of creating the connection with Others that is necessary to make propaganda powerless.

Truth is the only remedy for a society sick of lies. It connects people from soul to soul, as strings vibrating on the same frequency. And as such it is the real cure for the loneliness and disconnectedness that makes modern human beings so vulnerable for propaganda.

As I said before, as soon as the group connected through sincere speech is energetically stronger than the propagandized masses, the era of totalitarianism is over. Not sooner, not later. In this respect, the only way to contribute to the solution of the big crisis of our society is to face our shadow and overcome our own individual crisis and trauma, that means, to transcend our Ego through sincere speech."

Our communities are based in creative solutions to unprecedented times. We are supportive of one another in a collaborative manner. There are no silver bullets, just a supportive, experienced and informed platform of kindred spirits.

We explore course-corrections, underpinned by ethics & philosophy.

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