The X-Factor in Getting the Truth Out.

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Escape Our Echo-Chambers

We all tend to gravitate to our own echo-chambers. The problem is, we get comfortable there. They can develop into collective blind-spots.


Trust the Process

The process is The Answer. Reach across Knowledge Silos.


Improve Understanding

Develop, question and improve understanding on moral, ethical or social issues.



Connect with Kindred Spirits.


Adventures in the Margin of Error

"To err is to wander and wandering is the way we discover the world; it is also the way we discover ourselves. Being right might be gratifying, but in the end it is static, a mere statement. Being wrong is hard and humbling, and sometimes even dangerous, but in the end it is a journey, and a story. " Kathryn Schulz.

Spurring Innovation

"When you assemble a team that consists of people with various expertise, you bring not only their competence but also their experience and ideas. And somewhere between the discussion and different points of view, creativity and innovation are born.”

"Neil's group and chat have been such a reprieve in these times of absurdness. I have learned so much and grown from these experiences."

- Brooke

(West Coast, Canada)

"Neil's Community has been a great place to share ideas and work through them. It's a place to build up our intellectual immune system."

- Nathan (Belgium)

"Neil's platform has been a really good source of sources and individuals who are freedom-oriented kindred spirits."

- Andrew (Mexico)

The Scrum Den.

The X-Factor in Getting the Truth Out.

Meet Neil.

Hi. I'm an International Corporate Facilitator of Collaborative Workshops & Training Seminars and the Host of The Scrum Den.

Since 2005, I’ve coached and helped scores of leaders including Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs and Permanent Secretaries along with numerous valuable individual contributors.

Red Pills & Culture Wars.

Our Community supports one another through the process of “Red Pilling”, or waking up to realities all around us. Each of us is going through this process on different levels and at different paces.

Since WWII, the Left-Right political paradigm does not do justice to a cultural struggle whose boundaries go far beyond America. The term "Kulturkampf," is taken from Bismark’s anti-Catholic campaign of the 1870s. The translation of "Kulturkampf" is "Culture Wars" .

Our communities are based in creative solutions to unprecedented times. We are supportive of one another in a collaborative manner. There are no silver bullets, just a supportive, experienced and informed platform.

We explore course-corrections, underpinned by moral philosophy.

See you there,